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Working together, the fuel of the agricultural world!


Working together is one of the secular principles of the agricultural world. With #COFARMING aka “networked agriculture”, agriculture acquires an accelerator of “working together” by making visible the invisible on our farms!


#CoFarming: the linking of the agricultural world


#CoFarming is about enhancing the power of the internet in terms of intermediation to connect farmers beyond close neighborhood. From the land neighbor to the digital neighbors!


With the platform, everything becomes possible!


The platform is the place where all encounters are possible, it is an industrial production tool in real time and an online store of goods and services.


The farmer is at the heart of #CoFarming’s networks


The linking of farms and farmers allows, in a loyal and transparent way, new meetings, new shares and multiplies the opportunities.

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We would like to warmly thank all the contributors for their availability, their contributions and their vision on the agricultural world.

The contributors


CEO Ecovi SAS, Creator of @laballeronde_FR

Myriam BOURE

OuiShare – Co-founder Open Food France


Marketing VALFRANCE – MBA “Guide to survival of agricultural enterprises in a world of platforms”


Olivier FREY

Independent Consultant, Cooperative Specialist @olivier_frey


Director of Innovation Research and Development

Jean-marie SERONIE

Agro-economist @jmseronie


President, co-founder of FarmLEAP @farmleap


Associate, AGRIfind   @_Agrifind


Professor, IMT Atlantic – Deputy Dean for Research, Telecom Bretagne


Co-founder of the site echangeparcelle and farmer  @EchangeParcelle


Professor of Universities, National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse @FPurseigle

Jean-Baptiste VERVY

Director of Development, Group FDSEA51

Conference cofarming

The conference
at SIMA 2017

(Paris International Agribusiness Show)

« Collaborative economics: a source of competitiveness still untapped in agriculture #CoFarming »


One month after the publication of the White Paper of #CoFarming, working together in a network, the editors and contributors of the book gathered at a conference at SIMA (Paris International Agribusiness Show).

The questions addressed: What is #CoFarming and how it will reinvent “doing together”? What are the platforms that innovate in #CoFarming? What are the opportunities offered by digital to “do together” in a network and restore competitiveness to French agriculture? Are you interested in these subjects ? Watch the videos of the event a little further down.

See the pictures of the conference

The program


14h00 – 14h10 : INTRODUCTION


Does CoFarming reinvent the agricultural professional organizations?


Jean-Paul Hébrard, co-founder of WeFarmUp & CoFarming association


14h10 – 14h20 : INTERVENTION


Is the future of farmers going through digital cooperation?


Jean-Marie Séronie, Agroeconomist


14h20 – 14h50 : ROUND TABLE 1


Platforms that rethink the relationships between farmers


Echangeparcelle, FarmLeap, AgriFind, Laballeronde, WeFarmUp, Lacharrette


15h05 – 15h35 : ROUND TABLE 2


Reinventing the agricultural ecosystem


Jean-Xavier Mullie (Agora), Eric Lesage (Agrial), François Purseigle (ENSAT), Anthoni Noyon (Cocolabs)


15h50 – 16h00 : CONCLUSION


Jacques Collin, Cofounder of Meetic, Managing Partner of Allure Investissement, Fund specializing named « Terre et les Jeunes Pousses Technologiques” 

See extracts in videos

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